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A place for The BVB army to talk about Black Veil Brides. A place for fans to meet one another and have a great time.
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 Newbie with no idea what to write as a title haha.

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PostSubject: Newbie with no idea what to write as a title haha.   Wed May 08, 2013 5:39 pm

Hello whoever decided to read this Smile
I'm Abi, I'm 17 and I live in England.
I'm a friendly person and I'm pretty weird haha (Yay for being an outcast!)
I'm completely new to this and I literally have to idea what to say or what you want to hear but feel free to talk to me, I love meeting new people.
I've listened to BVB for a ridiculously long time now and I love them so much (I know that sounds weird right? Saying you love people you don't know) but their music has helped me through so much.
None of my friends listen to BVB so I've come on here to talk to people who like the same sort of music I do Smile
As I said, feel free to talk to me Smile
Bye for now Smile<3
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Newbie with no idea what to write as a title haha.
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