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 Lets take over the world ;)

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PostSubject: Lets take over the world ;)   Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:03 pm

Hey guys Very Happy
So i'm gonna tell you about this idea i got yesterday Very Happy
you're gonna think i'm crazy for this ^^" well here goes:
i was in the waiting room, bored to death waiting for my therapist to get me xD (a normal psychologist xP i'm not that crazy), when i saw a chalk board. Of course me being.. well me, got the urge to write something on it and listening to some bvb song what did i write?
BVB Army was here!
Let's rule the world! ♥️

So here's my idea: lets spread the word! where ever you go, and you're not being watched, leave a mark showing that we are here :Dlets literally take over the world little by little ^~^ who knows maybe we'll be on the news? Maybe we actually can do it and lastly we can show the band that we really do care :Dlets show them that we support them *~*
I tend to over-think a little and get wraped up in strange ideas (as you can see), but this idea got me really hyped xD tell me what you think?

Tell me if you think i'm crazy and this wont work and if you would do it ^~^ tbh I will do it regardless of whether you'll support it or not, but i'm just one person i can only do that much, and only in the region of stuttgart (germany) so I say:
BVB Army! Let's get to work Very Happy
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Lets take over the world ;)
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