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A place for The BVB army to talk about Black Veil Brides. A place for fans to meet one another and have a great time.
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 Welcome and Rules

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Welcome and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Welcome and Rules   Welcome and Rules Icon_minitimeSat Jul 16, 2011 4:31 pm

Welcome to the Andy section of the forum. Here you can talk about Andy and things that are going on with him. There are a few rules:
*** No Flaming - ok, anyone who's been in a forum/message board before knows this rule. I know people can drive you crazy but please don't start going off on them and causing a scene. If someone's giving you grief, whether it's aimed at you or just in general, please contact a moderator/admin and they will deal with it as quickly as possible and to the best of their ability.

*** Please keep the "He's so hot" comments to a minimum - we all know they're attractive men but we all don't have to say it. It's ok once in a while but don't go crazy with it. If someone's already said it then you don't have to. Thank you Wink

more will be added as we go along. just try to keep it civil.

***** Also *****

After making this forum all at once my brain will not allow me to create a proper description for each member's forum. This is where you come in. Make a post with your own member description. Make them witty and creative. The best one will be chosen by the admin and posted. Thank you cat
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Welcome and Rules
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