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 As a Christian BVB fan

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PostSubject: As a Christian BVB fan   Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:19 pm

I sometimes, obviously, don’t see eye to eye with Andy. Im not here to preach, but i feel both left out and offended. He says be who you want to be, no exclusions, but then he condemns what i believe in. It sort of is like an outcast in a land of the outcasts.
I don’t expect anything to be said in return. but i feel like the BVBarmy needs to know that I exist.

I felt the need to post this to see if anyone sees eye to eye with me. This has been bugging me for a while. Anyone?
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Acidic Dreaming

Acidic Dreaming

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PostSubject: Re: As a Christian BVB fan   Wed Aug 03, 2011 9:52 am

He doesn't condemn Christianity. He doesn't agree with the beliefs, but that doesn't mean he thinks any less of you if you are. At the same time, if you're one of those stupid judgmental Christians that spreads hate instead of love and tells everyone they're going to Hell, well then yeah, he's going to think less of you. You're not an outcast in the land of outcasts, not in my eyes, not in Andy's, and hopefully not in the rest of the army's eyes as long as you're open minded and accepting.
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PostSubject: Re: As a Christian BVB fan   Wed Aug 03, 2011 12:42 pm

I understand where you are coming from Currlycutie and I completely agree with Acidic Dreaming.

Andy dislikes hypocrites. He doesn't have faith, himself, but I think he has shown that he understands when people do have faith. I think, he is way to much of a good person to really look down on someone because of something they believe in, he would be doing the opposite of everything he has said.

And also know that there are a lot of other fans out there that also believe in God. I have seen quite a few on tumblr. In fact, I have actually known more Cristian BVB army members than atheist or agnostic ones.

I personally have almost the same views as Andy, so I don't really have this problem, but I feel like an outcast when it come to religion with my family and some of my friends because I am agnostic. My friend has to hide the fact that he is atheist to everyone he cares about because he fears they will disown him. So I still understand how it feels to have different religious views than other people.

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PostSubject: Re: As a Christian BVB fan   

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As a Christian BVB fan
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